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faux pas
Quote: Originally Posted by Evil Sushi I like them except for the rubber sole there's a pair that's actually the same from Jimmy Choo for H&M ( in grey and with leather sole) ..and I think my GF bought them for me as a christmas present lol Evil, but not everyone lives in Italy walking on the snow, wearing boots with a leather sole, it is not wise... but you're right, rubber sole does not look too good
Quote: Originally Posted by Evil Sushi let alone your monitor, it's my cam that's crap hahha as well, Jimmy Choo for H&M looks good, and a different model...
YouTube - Bruce Springsteen Dancing in the dark BOSS rules
cheap but poor quality, ...like everything from H&M
Quote: Originally Posted by dzondlo Lol, just as a general rule: if it has toe perforation its better to avoid. Maybe look for some NDC's on ebay w/o any perforation ~Dave maybe you are right, but it looks great SCHMOOVE - CHARLIE BIKE Boots | SSENSE too massive, as for me. thanks Dave
I will find something
I WILL GO CRAZY perhaps the ones :
^thanks Dave probably opt for a black Hudson
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