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Up for sale is a :   1. Poiak 8SV 26/32, mint. Price $110 2. Thanaz 8UX 27/32, mint. Price $50 3. Thicar 8KM 26/32, NWT. Price $50 4. Thanaz 73J 26/32, mint. SOLD   Shipping (International priority registered mail) EU +$7 US & Canada +$12 other +$17/$20
Up for sale:   1. Diesel Thanaz, 31/34 PriceSOLD Condition: very good   Shipping (International priority registered mail) EU Free !!! US & Canada Free !!! other please ask   Check my other items: Men Thanaz 8SV 34/34, NWT Viker 73J 33/32, NWT Viker 73J 34/32, NWT Thicar 8KM 26.32, NWT Viker 8SV 30/32, NWT Women Mintha 8B3 26, NWT   Sold Thanaz 72L 27/34 Thanaz 72L 29/32 Matic 8B3 25/32 Poiak 8SV 26/32 Matic 8B3...
^^^ not Viker, Thanaz or Timmen. I forgot his name. sorry, now I do not remember
^^^ REAL and are longer than 32 "
check here  http://www.nudiejeans.com/fitguide IMO, you have to look for a different model (Slacker Jack, Boot Starcy or Average Joe) but if you like a Slim Jim cut, buy 31 or even 32
Nudie this is a good choice, see also A.P.C if you have an PayPal account or credit card, you'll find many on-line stores in which they are available, you can also check here http://www.denimblog.com/c/forum/list/2
Quote:  great legs, and +1 for location  
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