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Quote: Originally Posted by *heather* Unfortunately they look real
If the Flynts have green in them they are New York Dark Green (NOG) and if not the are NYD Lurex Flynts. The picture is a little too small for me to tell. And the A's are New York Dark Teal (NTEL) I can't help on the Paige's though
Those are Seven7 jeans, not Seven For All Mankind jeans As far as authenticity, I have no idea.
They are real, imo. Unfortunately I can't help you withe sizing.
They are real, imo. Just a newer version of NYD TriColors.
I saw those earlier today too. First I've seen of fake Barcelona dojos.
^^^I agree, mine run TTS as well.
yeah those are fake, imo
Flynts- New Gold Lurex.
It's a Glacier Rocker Mini.
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