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CUT:TRW610 ST:10503 PO:50771 Maybe you can tell from the numbers? It's a darker wash
Hiya~ Just wondering if anyone knows what market price (fair price) would be for a pair of spanking new TR Joey 26 with tags. I'm looking to sell them but I want to know what you all would think would be a fair price...if I can't get very much for them I might as well wait (its a half size too small for me but I'm on the slimdown) and wear them. Thanks!
They've provided Mypoupette as a reference, and it makes sense to me that only a seller who was sure her product was authentic or a very stupid naive seller would do such a thing. The pics also look good to me.
EWEWEWEWEW...OMG...so wrong. I totally didn't get it until I read the "scroll right" message. I wonder what would happen if he got a boner =P.
Hm...Just curious so I'm putting this out here. I have this hoodie and I'm looking for *honest* opinions here only please. If ur feeling/not feeling it please say so and any thing u think rocks/sucks about it. It's hand embroidered (with that think embroidery thread) with some swarovski crystals. The big koi/lotus design is on the back but there's a chinese stamp in ancient script over the the front kangaroo pocket. The hoody itself is stretchy and fitted and...
Wow...what use will they come up with for Botox next? So far my list includes: -wrinkle reduction -shrinking muscles (facial/calf) -arthritis pain reduction -local sweat reduction -migraines -incontinence -spastic disorders (MS, stroke, Parkinsons) I wonder who discovered Botox.
Congrats! I'm sure tons of people would give a limb to be where you're at now. I can't speak for you, but if I were in your situation, I'd look towards the choice as an adventure. It's totally understandable to be worried about a career move but in the long run if you can look back on your choice and know that you made the best you could at the time, then that's good enough for me. Besides, nothing is permanent, if your choice doesn't work out there's always time to...
LOL...after 3 y.o. they ain't so cute any more
What if it's the other way around? What happens to the mother if the kids are primarily in the custody of the father? Are the roles reversed?
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