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Quote: Originally Posted by ryanduke Didn't know you were into BDSM, Jason ill show you soon enough just waiting on the mailman :blush:
Quote: Originally Posted by ryanduke do they come with the bondage straypez editors note: fixed it for you
what is my perfect size in those?
i also want the best without considering that the best for youn might not be the best for meez
i did this once i wet the hems of my jeans and crumpled them up with a rubber band and was generally rough with them - bending them in all kinds of ways - let them dry when they were dry, i took sandpaper to them, hard here, gentle here
to:exhausted: if youre joking with me if youre not joking
Quote: Originally Posted by jayme.michelle ^dude, 110/-10! The Rentals - "Friends of P" if you're friends with Ryduke, well i guess you're friends with me
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