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narciso blm j-tran spastic spence honorable mention kam
Quote: Originally Posted by anthony I dunno if its a replica the dude didn't say, but his work is alright, I chopped off the shoulder thing+ shoulder buttons. The coats very thin though. cloak
that is a replica of a cloak jacket. How is zicoys workmanship?
ill give you the updated collection pictures to memorize later 2 of every animal
Quote: Originally Posted by jskidder you don't have to need stuff in order to buy stuff. i buy shit all the time and i don't really need any of it... not trying to say anything, just thought that this fit well here - from fashion forum
so what you only like because exclusive? and when it was exclusive price was justified but now its not? shit, if i was you, id be happy that i could afford juliusu retha @ american retail
hey guys
Brad Paisley?
#1 over #2 and $300 over ugly jackets
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