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Quote: Originally Posted by bennyy i want the blue ones with black cummerbund in 27 where you was when i sold mine? dust wash//black cummerbund w27 - actually sold 2 of them :-\
Quote: Originally Posted by begret I think it is contrived if they aren't your boyfriend's. I do wear some looser cut jeans , but not with a big long crotch. I don't wear sweatpants hardly ever, so those are my "sweats" around the house. shifting to looser pants. getting something with a big long crotch too
+1 for smoking inside thought it was a skidder pic until i saw the chin
paddoms are cool
triple roll = KING
Quote: Originally Posted by anthony Haha, thanks man Yea I am asian and all, but not enough I guess, I had to google that one up, but just for that, next time I post in waywt I'll feature a huge fucking gunblade fixerd
Thanks all of you don't forget bottled regrets though! im 22, but he's 21
UNC Chapel Hill - "bullshit your way to an A" Carolina Blue is one ugly color
Jenn lets me out every now and then - Not visible, ball and chain
the rugby peacoats are extremely durable, rugged, well constructed, and warm as fuck really substantial wool fabric that holds up like armor as my friend testifies when he got into a fight, and subsequently beaten with baseball bats that the coat protected everything except for his head (10 stitches)
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