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Hey, I don't know if this is the right place to post, but I am selling all my true Religions. From the blackseeds I just got from Tboneia to Sammy Big T's in DUC to Skirts and Joey Discos in Dark Drifter. My ebay name is : jetraynovember Check it out before it's to late, also have a great pair of vintage Thierry Mugler glasses. The blackseeds have 3 hours left. sizes range from 26 to 30 Thanks
I know TR made some womens salvage joeys and bobbys (don't know how they would make the joey in salvage line since they are flared). I want a pair. TR's are the only cut which works for me (nudies, samurai, sling and stones, tried em and they are just not flattering on most women). Anyway, if anybody here has a pair size 26,27 or 28 (depending how they run) and wanne sell, let me know. Tried to track down some for months, no luck. And how do you guys like them?
I got some joeys big t from ebay. I don't know if blackseeds run huge or if they are guys jeans. I got a size 28, and they are falling off me. Can somebody help me and know if you can see by the style and cut number if they are womens? Row and seat are blank (so I assume they are womens) and just say Joey Big T The style# is 88-503-NMBT Cut# 6OO834 ( the first number could be a 5 but I'm washing them hot right now so it was hard to see. They are legit, super soft and I...
Thanks, figured it out.
Got my geishas today in a size 1. I can button them but after I took them off (about 30 min) my hips were bruised red. Should I exchange for a different size or live through the bruises and hope they will stretch? Won't be able to wash these ever if I'm not loosing 10 pounds. I do love the fit and am worried that a bigger size will give that terrible but bulge. Anybody in the same boat? Will try to post pics tomorrow.
Just ordered the size 1 from BIG. Will post pictures when they arrive.
I will. I'm pretty true to a size 27, was going to order the 2, but now they only have 1 or 3 available, which one should I get?
Finally decided that I'm going with the geishas.. Lina skulls or flathead balders were in consideration but then I saw that they make geishas as bell bottoms. What is the typical sizing of geishas, up, down, tts? Thanks http://www.samurai-j.com/lineup/jeans/ga0513lxx/index.html
Quote: Originally Posted by TRBigT waist patch looks fake to me usually its a thinner wavey leather not a thick piece. its more distressed looking.. They are authentic and even though the skirt is way to big I love it. Thanks for your input.
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