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I just started it on Saturday and I love it. The whole system (i.e. books, dvds, etc...) is very high quality and I would highly recommend it. I am extremely sore today though. For the first 3 weeks, the weekly schedule is: Chest and Back & Abs, Plyometrics (basically a form of cardio or jump training), Shoulders and Arms & Abs, Yoga, Legs & Back & Abs, Kenpo (sort of like kickboxing), Rest or Stretch. I have no doubt that I am going to be in much better shape when I...
[Something like love handles is not a big deal and there are other ways of getting rid of that. Maybe your previous exercise was just not the right one. But since you already did it, then I guess there really is no point to saying this now. Hope you are feeling good and recover quickly. But next time, think twice before you go under the knife for something this small.[/quote] What other ways do you know of to get rid of love handles? Other than diet & exercise to...
Fake sellers generally have a lot of the same "fake" jean to sell. This is definitely a red flag if they have only stock pics and have listed many pairs of the same jean.
I love the Neutrogena hand cream. It is concentrated and comes in a small tube and it works great!
I love taebo. However, the original taebo is the best (the very first one he came out with). I have tried some of the newer ones, but they just aren't as good. I use the advanced tape but it is hard to find on dvd (especially if you don't want to spend $40 or $50 on a whole set of dvds) so I am still using the VHS tape. You can easily find Billy's newer ones on dvd though. You can also find his original basic and instructional dvd's but they aren't as good as the...
You have a picture of my dog on your wall. His coloring is almost exactly like the picture. Do you have a husky?
I just got these too and I love them. I always loved dojo's but this pair is the most comfortable pair I own. They seem to run big for me. I usually wear a 30 but I got a 29 in these and they still seem a little loose.
VS secret embrace are awesome! Very sexy ones are good too, but the secret embrace ones are super comfortable and really good pushup bras.
Yes, both are 100% cotton.
I wonder why the pics won't load. I can click on them and they work.
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