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Quote: Originally Posted by diesel-7 @ Evil: just copped a pair myself. should come in the next few days. will post pics. You bought your Diors online? At what site if I may ask?
Does anyone have experience with D&G jeans? I kinda like the following jeans. At the D&G online store the product details say: Quote: Must be washed in cold water in order to maintain the original color Can anyone tell me if this jeans is pre-washed or a dry? Jeans Women - Denim Women on D&G Online Store - Dolce & Gabbana Group
Usually I wear my shoes size 43 (European). I really like these N.D.Cs though. How do these run in size? Should I size up or down? N.D.C. MADE BY HAND Laced shoes Men - Footwear N.D.C. MADE BY HAND on THECORNER.COM
Lol, my apologize for this late reply, but I´d really like to know what shoes you are wearing here. What brand are they? I really like them! Quote: Originally Posted by vonWitzleben
What shoes are these?
I'm wondering does anyone know outlet-milano.com and bought some items there? They've got some very cheap items, but are the items real? The prices of some items just seem too good to be true (for example the jeans).
Thoughts on these Diesel ankle boots? DIESEL Men - Footwear - Ankle boots DIESEL on YOOX Because of the low price I'm seriously considering buying them. Does anyone has more (worn) pics of these shoes though? This since I won't like the shoes anymore if there is a big Diesel logo or something at the back of the shoes. From the pics at Yoox I can't tell what 'logo details' there're on the shoes.
Button up your shirt, wear a belt and show us your shoes.
I like 1, 21, 28.
Is Poiak 008IL a new wash aswell? I really would like to buy myself a new pair of Poiak 008IL jeans. I have Poiak 008SV in size 33-34. Could anyone give me some advice? Should I size up or down for the 008IL?
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