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Or get a CC charge back.
THAT IS SO NASTY! File a paypal dispute!
Hey! Thanks so much for all your help! I contacted the seller, and I showed her this thread. This was her response: "Diana--We sell items for consignors. I do believe that these jeans are authentic based on our past history with the consignor. I looked at your thread and would like to address your concerns. The thread on the back pockets matches the thread on the Paige website meaning it crosses the pocket in the same place. Drycleaning these jeans totally destroyed...
Quote: Originally Posted by malves I just checked my Paige's. (my newest pair I bought in April, retail from a National Jeans Co.) -Mine have the higher stitching on the back pockets like the ebay pair. -But, my pair also has premium denim on the leather patch and has the same flat back button like your real pair. All in all, I would guess fake. This is just my opinion, so you may want to get other replies. Hi! Thanks for your fast...
Hey guys, So, I bought some Paiges off of e-bay, and they looked legit. However, after I received them, I thought a few things looked fishy, so I compare them to a pair I already own (and know for a fact are authentic). The pair I own are a few years old, so I don't know if the inconsistencies in the pairs I bought and the ones I own are because mine are older... First off, the leather back labels are super small and shrunken... I know that the seller dry...
I believe those are real. Quote: Originally Posted by Lovebug Here is my contribution, I have some pictures wearing them. I just got these, I asked too late.PAID $40.00.
You don't wear any of them!! Sell them all. All you wear are gym shorts anyways.
HAhahahaHAHAHAhahaha. I like how this one is titled a "Classy Lambs Wool Jumper" Find Classy Lambs Wool Jumper with retro design 10 on eBay within, Women's Clothing, Clothes, Shoes Accessories (end time 29-Oct-07 19:03:58 GMT)
Quote: Originally Posted by Saifz i wish closed minded people had closed mouths too.. i read that on a t shirt But, you asked for other people's opinions.
^^^ AHhhhh!
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