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Quote: Originally Posted by dannysgirl45 You'd be sadly disappointed...there's no bush. hahaha. That's fine, just grow it out for a month or so then take pics. I'm pretty patient.
Happy b'day!
^Pics of you wearing them. Hmmm...never mind the panties, just pics of the bush.
Friday: I'm Skiing Sat: Looking at houses Sun: Southside Irish parade
Quote: Originally Posted by sh0ebox @ Egotist: Yeah... hopefully I will get enough scholarships and whatnot to cover most of my tuition, but who knows. Starting next fall, my tuition goes up ~275% I just shuddered for you
Sweet now you'll know the pain of student loans. Biggest waste of fucking money ever. I should've been a carpenter.
^Poor girl...must be on drugs or something.
Quote: Originally Posted by CUTUP Originally asking $350, I got them for a paltry $210 offer after they had been reduced to $250 and then $225. Jesus, since when is 210$ for gym shoes paltry? What do you do?
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