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i'm going if i can wake up in time! the bf just cancelled on plans for friday so i'll probably be staying in which means i can get up in time, lol.
Quote: Originally Posted by missytee Ally- do you think I should size up? Thanks! if you are in between sizes i say size up but if you are consistently the same size then i'd say just stick to it. i have the 24 in the dk pony express and they def fit smaller than any of my joeys and fit the same as my bobbys.
i actually thought they ran small. like how the old bobbys used to run small. i have the dk pony express and i also tried on med vintage stretch.
i got the tr super light vintage on ebay but i think those are too light for me .
hm... i tried on the flip flop nakitas and that was my problem too (doable in the waist but big on the legs). all the sfam fit me weird this season! the only thing i can get are crops.
wow they're cute! how do they look on? i'm wary of super light jeans since they kinda make me look blah.
my bf got 2 sets of tix and he is gonna sell the better seats. i'm pretty sure we are sitting in the 300 section. i've never been to the playoffs before though so i am suuuper excited.
i have game 6! game 3 at home. there better BE a game 6!
i love her suits too but i cant really find anywhere appropriate to wear them . i just buy seperates now so i can wear the tops w/ jeans or the jackets w/ jeans. i'd feel inappropriate wearing such girly suits to work.
sorry but i don't know much about nail polish but why would they thin it out. is it cuz the polish was too old and clumpy?
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