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i have them too. i havent worn them yet but i think you can just wear them around town... i don't think they are THAT short...
Quote: Originally Posted by bizzy Quote: Originally Posted by revolve OT: I love TR jeans, but am I crazy to think that they're asking just a bit too much for their tees??? $99?! Yeah, I saw that too. The tees aren't that interesting. I bet those will go on sale. they'll go on sale... all the fleece are 30% off at bloomies right now and if you go by sunday you'll get another 20% off w/ f&f. the hoodies came out to be 80.
i don't like the earth rainbows... sunshine and regular rainbows are much cuter imo.
those are great! congrats! my very first pair of high end shoes were weitzmans .
i get a mani/pedi every 2 weeks cuz i wear tons of sandals and type a ton so i ruin my nails quickly! i get my eye brows waxed every 2 wks as well along w/ it. i don't get fancy nail art cuz i like simple french tips so it's like 50 bucks every 2 wks for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by welovelouie the DHV A has inseams only 32 exact... i measured after i washed them to see if i have to hem them... as long as they have inseams short than 33... i dunt have to hem them... my wedges are useful it's all about wedges . i can wear anything from 30-33" now which includes all 7s and TRs since i shrink all my jeans before wear .
they look great!!! congrats!
doesnt shrink.
i think they are kinda bootcut (or like a relaxed cut). i tried them on at nordies and they werent flattering on me at all. they were too big in the thighs/legs.
i had all you can eat sushi last night. yum. it's the 2nd night in a row that i've gone there. paradise sushi on hermosa pier . it's all you can eat for only 17.80 during happy hr .
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