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^^ thanks! That was the bf and me at lakers vs suns playoff game 6!
i later put myself on an ebay ban
they had some white bootcuts, and broadway flares as well as flood trousers (not sure what they are).
i went today and scored some lisa trousers in bombay, miller w/ velvet trim in savannah, and nakita cuffed bootcuts! they were all 80 bucks at the nordies rack at the howard hughes center.
Quote: Originally Posted by welovelouie always Onatah GM so you arent selling? i think you should get a fendi spy... or if you want cheaper a baby spy or spy hobo. i <3 my baby spy . i have a spy hobo that i need to return before i break down and take off the tags!
sorry but water is the enemy of suede... they're probably just dead.
^^ i have the petite version already .
where are you selling it? i wanna watch .
the onatah GM (esp in cocoa) is completely sold out of LV and they're not coming back cuz it is a limited edition item. you might be able to get more money for it... esp if you don't have that many bags and won't be carrying this one around that much. which other bag are you interested in?
one of the crystals on my ceres fell out as well . i have no idea where it went.
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