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Quote: Originally Posted by twyla 15. feeling the need to pick up the phone and call ex boyfriends. edit: actually calling ex-boyfriends. at least that's what i used to do. omg i did that too! when i was single i used to call my ex when i'm drunk. either him or the crush of the moment. i had a crush on my coworker and i had to delete his number from my phone everytime i went out!
^^ weird! i'm online now apparently. before i was online but it def showed offline, lol. but yea i'm almost always online (unless my laptop is not on which is a rareity as well). i think it is an old college habit.
hm... i like my (well now lost) havanas more. i have the montreal pink flynts as well.
weird... i am on aim but my status says i am offline?
Quote: Originally Posted by Cmercury1 For anyone thinking of buying, I'm pretty sure that Camilla Gauchos do not run two sizes big. they def don't run 2 sizes big. 1/2 a size AT MOST. i would recommend getting your regular stretch size (these are rigid).
darn! i was at loehmann's todya and there were no sfam . just some joe's.
i found a solution to #1! I got this last yr and it is a life saver! I just clip it to my jeans whenever I go to a bar.
they do! just have receipt or maybe they'll do it just w/ the box. i know i've returned new stuff w/o receipt and they took it back.
Quote: Originally Posted by angelxplaya OT but LAKERS are gunna get owned! ahh they already got owned...
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