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i don't think that laptop is a very good deal either. power PCs are on their way out. jessani, you are a teacher, right? You can get educational discount at apple.com for 50 bucks off the 1.82 ghz and 100 bucks off the 2.0 ghz (comes in white & black) brand new! that would be 1049 for the 1.82 and 1199/1399 for the 2.0 (black is 200 more). You can also wait til the summer when apple will most likely have their ipod w/ laptop deals and sell the ipod back on ebay to...
i scored this yesterday for $125 at bloomies (still retailing for $325 at katespade.com)
my new obsession is handbags... i want these 2!
some one bid, i sniped w/ the higher bid. they refreshed their screen and saw that they were outbid so they bid again and won.
auctionstealer is the one i always use. i was outbid once by a manual bidder and i was pissed off but for something that is completely free it is not bad at all.
i've looked on my cingular bill while on drunk trying to remember the phone number of my crush that i deleted from my phone.
^^ just checked it out. looks exactly like mine! auth, imo! i have the silver one.
it's the zoe pixie coin purse! i got it for like 35 from saks last yr. it fits just my CC/driver's license/car key/cash.
oh happy bday! they look great! i picked a pair of those up for myself using some left over GCs from nordies a few wks ago . you look better though!
it's a very light pink. it looks almost beige.
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