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does anyone know a good clam chowder recipe? the bf is coming over on friday and is really craving clam chowder .
Quote: Originally Posted by asiandiva Quote: Originally Posted by maylin9 I can't wait to see the new MJ bags. I love the Spy too but they are too big for me. Spy comes in 2 sizes, there is a smaller one. It's a handheld style though. The strap is not long enough to wear on shoulder. there are also the baby spy (kinda like a bowler) and spy hobo in addition to the spy. i have the baby spy and i <3 it!!!
i <3 LV, MJ, Fendi (spy collection only), Chole (paddy collection only) .
i actually prefer marc jacobs to LV becuase for 1k i can get myself a high quality leather bag. the designs are so classic and cute too. a lot of LV bags can now be found in similar designs in the marc jacobs collection.
^^ omg me too! the damier speedy 25 will be my next LV and my last one for this year! i need to save up $$$$$ for a chole paddington .
a seller that I am contemplating on sniping an auction from has bought a fake lacoste polo and a pair of fake d & g sunglasses in the past month... she might have been ignorant and not have known the lacoste was fake but the sunglasses were labeled as 'dolce & gabanna design' in the auction and it was only 9.99 + 4.99 shipping. the bag that she is selling is definitely real though...
i <3 LV! I just got another one yesterday!
how did you get yours for 1199? they retail for 1499...
i have these too! they are one of my fav 'classic' jeans.
are they nyd pink sigs?
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