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i saw at least 5 ppl wearing crocs at the mall today. they are so ugly! what's up??
i have this in rinse and i love it!
i think i'd wear orange As.... will look cute w/ a casual tshirt or tank.
the seller has these in a 24 as well! too bad i already have the coh cream cords... i have the seven flare cords in light blue and absolutely love them! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll..._BIN_Stores_IT
i have both and i think moroccos are bigger than tahitis
how about dessert? a meal is not complete w/o dessert .
just go to panda for sesame chicken... they make it well and so cheap .
i can't cook but i really like foodtv.com . are you making dinner for erik?
haha thanks . i am also looking for a seafood pasta recipe if anyone can help. i want to prepare a romantic dinner .
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