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they're great! i love the lil maggie style.
I was about to click 'submit order' but saw a no reserve auction on ebay so i thought i'd try to save a few bucks. I was surprised to see it shoot all the way to 160 at the end! now i have to wait for another deal on these .
i'm so sad! i had a max snipe on ebay last night for 110 but the auction went all the way up to 160 and now intermix is out of a 24 >.
any photos anyone??
anyone have a pix of them in it? i wanna see how they look in real life cuz i know i won't be wearing heels w/ these .
any coupon codes?
omg i need these. i might have to suck it up and get these too!
they're good. i've bought from them a few times and my friend has bought 2 pairs of jeans from them, both real.
^^ wow are they marking up crocs?? they are 36 bucks on zappos!
wow i didnt know crocs were sooo popular! the bf thinks that they will be the next uggs (where everyone & their mothers want them and are willing to pay 2x the amt for them on ebay) but i doubt it.
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