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I'm looking to get the J Brand 910 Jeans but was wondering if there is a size difference between these washes? Thanks!
How do you move an old post in forum to the mall? Thanks!
went to saks, got a pair of louboutins, fendis, and marc jacobs flats for $650...and a red hooded peacoat that used to be $1100 for $273!!!!
they always tell me up to 10 days...it takes them a while
oooo if you see any size 27...
Is eBay User rysu17 selling authentic jeans? I searched the forums, didn't find his username, so I thought I'd ask here.
Thanks for all the fast replies! I was leaning towards fake as well, so it is very nice to get some confirmation.
Hello everybody, I was just wondering if these jeans are authentic. They are supposed to be Men's Floyd Sz 30 - brand new without tags. STYLE- FLOYD WASH- DECAY STYLE CODE- "FLODE" Waist- 30" Inseam- 33" Thanks!
1st! PS: I want your abs. hooot!
I saw them in a 28 on authenticforum Seven for All Mankind Glacier Flynt Pink & Yellow Crystals 28 - Authentic Forums ahhh so prettttty
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