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I have a pair of DHV A's that I got from Tiffany. They are a size 30, and kinda a little bit big for 30 but a small 31!! So if you are a 31 these would be pretty snug. I'm not feeling very comfortable in these and now that I'm pregnant, these probably aren't going to work for some time. Does anyone have these in 32 that needs a 30 and want to trade? The inseam is 32.5. Thanks! We can do this all thru honestmall if there is anyone out there.
Nice ass. . . keep 'em both, but only if you are going to wear them. .
PM'd you jilly!
BTW. . will these stretch out a lot???
Anyone have these in a 31 that is currently shrinking or already shrunk? I have a 30, and while they fit, I think I'd love to have a 31 instead. I'm just wondering if there is anyone?? Thanks. . . (Oh and if there is. . we'd do the trade thru HM. .to be legit and all that jazz)
HEY you!! Clear your inbox!!!
which 5?
Quote: Originally Posted by mizzboxy I agree so totally now!!!! You are right on!!! I'm so shocked by how they look!!! The jaggers and the rays are great Hee hee Tracy...yeah I am back running now but my smallest size has always been a 30 even when i was doing hard workouts 7 days a week. It must be my frame or something? In SFAM stretch I'm a 30, in rigid SFAM 31 if that helps??? RR I'm all over the place like most girls this season---i have jeans in...
really?? Are you a lot smaller then when we were the same size? I NEED to know. . . !!!! What size are you wearing these days in TR or Sevens?
Those look GREAT!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Are those 32's? I'm looking at a pair of stevies in 30 and wondering if I can pull it off.
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