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i didn't have much luck while there. i went to a nordstrom rack and found some r&r, mostly straight to discount washes. i did manage to find a pair w/ crystals for $130 i think.
i have 3 dogs, 1 husky (penguin), 1 whippet (stella): & 1 frisbee-obssessed australian shepherd (Zelda):
my rokkets fit slightly small
fyi, the fuschia crowns run about 1/2 small
uggh why not a 24? so depressing. maybe i should get them anyways
i've found the pairs i've most wanted but it took me 2 years to find pink crystal london crowns and about 1.5 years to find my fuschia london crowns, but they were definently worth the wait!
holy crap. amazing price. my size too. note to self, check ebay uk more often. they look awesome on you!
Quote: Originally Posted by JEANius Are they COMPLETELY closing all stores or just the ones they already closed? The stores in Metro Atlanta all closed and I heard that there were 188 stores nationwide that were closing, but I have not heard of them completely liquidating. all stores are closing, they're going out of business. i wouldn't bother checking it out until its at least 30-40% off because the liquidators often markup retail and the...
here they are. i LOVE them. they fit well and the contrast from the crown color & jeans is very nice. sorry about the crappy pics, i'm looking for a new camera.
Quote: Originally Posted by shan actually they are sinful heart and they are tdf. congrats. whered you find them? off 5th
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