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Quote: Originally Posted by Toni I'm down. Helen, we're finally going to meet! i know - i pm'ed you about the one from a while back!!
so are we going to grab a table @ gordon biersch? 21st amendment is closed for their anniversary party...sad. they are right across the street from jeremy's too!
Quote: Originally Posted by wsue24 How would you rate this place overall? Fruity beers = eh. to each his own. erick - i LOVE their happy hour. used to work 2 blocks away...
Quote: Originally Posted by erickchen i like how you think. blue moon! hefeweizen (sp.)! thats what i've been drinking everyday since i got up here omg, blue moon. you MUST go to 21st amendment if you haven't gone yet...their watermelon beer is seriously to die for. hmm, i wonder if they take reservations. 21st Amendment - Brewery - Restaurant - Bar
mmh love gordon biersch garlic fries. is anyone BARTing in? i live in potrero hill & could grab a few of you. i'm down for anywhere that has BEER!
this wash is mind-blowingly hot
Anyone know what wash these are?
that's fantastic - congrats!
I love them both - but you know I have a special place in my heart for DHV A
how many years ago?
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