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Quote: Originally Posted by lizlikeshugs ^Look at me in my ass-less glory. Life is sooooo not fair, Tom has a better looking ass and fills out Women's CoH better than I ever could. oh hush. you have an ass and another asset that i'm jealous of. haha. and yes, i agree - tom has a great looking ass in those COH
Please PM me if you came with your email address & I will send you the zip file! Pics during lunch - and yes, Gordon Biersch was YUMMY. Tom (designerdesire), Me (missmelon), Ayana (green.eyez aka HOTASS): Christina (sailornep5), Annette (honu), Jonathan (sigmatic): Ashley (Twistedheart), Melody (Melody), Toni (Toni), Jon/Jonathan (sfguy23) There is another cute one during lunch, but I have to block our Liz's face first Here is a group photo...
Hi Guys! I'm not withholding!! Pics are uploading. My computer at home has a dead screen (Liz, can you get a cost estimate for me?). My quick thoughts: You guys are a really, really cool bunch of folks. Thanks, Jonathan, for dealing with the "orchestration" of the ass-photo as yes, I can imagine that it was emasculating. I'm glad you guys all showed up (I was afraid it'd be just me & Christina)!! If there is anyone who does NOT want me to post their pics...
Looking at the picture photo, I thought these were real. However, upon further inspection, it seems that the other photos don't match the first one. Can someone confirm? NEW AUTH TRUE RELIGION JOEY SUPER T JEANS ,SIZE 25 - (item 110154847787 end time Aug-05-07 16:15:00 PDT) Thanks, Helen
? hemmed to 31.5
i work in San Mateo so my perception of weather is skewed. I would say it'll be decent, but bring a Juicy or equivalent.
Quote: Originally Posted by lizlikeshugs Possibly me. I always feel pressured over what jeans to wear over the meets and end up not wearing jeans you looked super hot last time. rawr. i will wear some sort of denim.
Seven Zip Roxy in Oxford at Revolve Clothing - Free Shipping! what's the fit like? will they look good on someone who is curvy and a size 30ish?
thank you thank you - i got the car's for my coworker!
WOO HOO We are booked on Sunday @ Noon. It'll be a long table by the bar: Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant San Francisco | Yelp
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