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so 7 total including kelly & her hubby?
Quote: Originally Posted by lizlikeshugs Haha, well, this is my totally lame confession: I never watched porn No one believes me but everyone says I'm not missing much any way so there is no incentive to change that status good porn is good. bad porn is eh.
bummerrrrrr so many fakes on eBay
I've been pm'ing with Kelly & she's down for a Thursday (8/9) dinner in San Francisco. How is this: Where: 21st Amendment - Brewery - Restaurant - Bar (close to BART, muni, bus. also, giants game is during the day, so it should be cleared out by then. street parking is free after 6pm. only concern is the traffic getting onto the bridge. open to suggestions.) When: Thursday, August 9th @ 7:00 pm (i can make reservations.) Please let me know if you...
Quote: Originally Posted by virgoddess Awesome pics guys. Thanks for sharing! where were you? TONI - I will be stalking you soon. Please PM me with your work schedule
Quote: Originally Posted by Sigmatic ^ i remember the crown moulding (with the acanthus leaf motif) catching my eye! it was a nice touch! i was thinking about ducking into the lobby to look for corinthian columns/pilasters too, just to make sure they didn't go tuscan or doric and screw it up! ugh, i never really leave my job... this paragraph, while i don't understand it, sounds very sexy.
Quote: Originally Posted by twistedheart ohh i understand. i never leave my job either i'm constantly thinking about/analyzing music, even if it's just something light and in the background. at least you love what you do (...right?) i'm going to come & stalk you. one day soon.
thanks guys - she got refunded
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