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my boss just got them in & the cotton feels thin to me & looks streaky what do you guys think?
Quote: Originally Posted by guest2634 Lately I've just felt overloaded by all the internet lists/photos/stuff you can do, so I'm not super into this that's ok - what about it makes you feel overloaded?
Hi Guys, My company Dealio.com just released what we think is a cool wish list feature. I'd love to get your guys' thoughts on it (the good, bad...ugly). Get your FREE Dealio List Today! This is my list: Dealio My Lists: missmelon -- Helen's Holiday Wishes This is what the wish list widget looks like when it's posted to myspace: MySpace.com - Helen - 25 - Female - San Francisco, California - www.myspace.com/missmelon437 Thanks! Helen
holy crap woman. you look HOT
wow....i've seen only a few ppl look in sammy's and i think you top the list. holy crap those panamas will never fit me.
True Religion Billy Straight Leg Stretch jeans 24 BNWT - (eBay item 160182103590 end time Nov-25-07 16:00:24 PST)
i got these you guys & will pm you if they don't fit me (they prob wont)
uh oh - i bought a pair of 29's to replace the 31's i'm selling and i seriously, seriously doubt that they will fit as they run really small. crap
any chance these are real?
wow jess - those look awesome!!
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