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Auth Rock & Republic Jeans Size 28 Flames & Crystals - eBay (item 250214059491 end time Feb-14-08 17:35:14 PST)
seems like the waist is awfully big?
Find New Deals On 7 For All Mankind - Dojo Wide-Leg Jeans in carribbean $73.90 was $187 @ Dealio Find New Deals On 7 For All Mankind - Dojo Basic Wide Leg Jeans $73.90 was $185 @ Dealio
wow, i likey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm glad they went to a good home ;0)
*taps fingers impatiently*
wow, that's cheap - i wish measurements were posted
Quote: Originally Posted by guest2634 Its just all the ideas for lists and myspace and facebook, multiple email accounts, just so much to check everyday!! But this Dealio thing is a good idea, but it would be better used I think for things like wedding registries or baby shower registries....Seems like there is a wishlist on EVERY online shopping webpage, I know this just encompasses everything onto one list, but its still more overload for me if all my...
dayam. hotness.
veryyy nice those pckts look like pooey on me
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