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I just won this auction today for a really really cheap price. I would be over the moon if this is a real deal. I've haven't seen white label Prada suit before in real life to be honest, but I've been told by some shop assistant that they are exclusive. Most (or all) of the Prada suit label I've seen before are black label. Auction link is here: Prada Suit, Black, 38" - eBay, Men's Clothing, Clothes, Shoes Accessories (end time 22-Sep-07 19:19:48 BST) Have a look...
I luv PRPS jeans. Agreed on the baggy fit, but the wash is really great & very comfortable to wear
These jeans called Black Label jeans. Used to have a 14 classic, but, yea, they are overpriced imo
Yes yes
Quote: Originally Posted by not_a_virus.exe anyone wanna get me one of those for free? i'll pay for shipping if need be. EDIT: btw, what jeans is he wearing? Dolce & Gabbana Black Label jeans
I have this belt too & I'm wearing it every weekend. Best belt I've ever owned
Yes, it has been posted at least 3 times on HF
^ agreed, GBP1 almost equal to USD2 now, sweet.
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