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  They fit really well. They stretched out after only 2 days though. I had tried on the size down but I couldn't even get those over my thighs! I had previously bought a Naked and Famous pair but they flattened my butt and had a saggy crotch so I returned them.
They look great Lorna! I just bought the same pair last week :) It's nice to see other women in dry denim.
I'm pretty sure you are required to have a data plan with the iphone
I've been looking for a way to get out of my contract with T-Mobile so that I can get the new iphone. I stumbled upon this thread at slick deals: Get out of your T-Mobile contract for free! - SlickDeals.net Forums Basically, tmobile is changing the text message price from 15 cents to 20 cents in Aug and this will allow you to get out of the contract. I called in this afternoon and cancelled it with no problem. There are a bunch of tips in the thread so I would advise...
Minika, I love those sandals! I went to Target and bought a pair after work, hehe
I once asked a friend this who was a server and she suggested tipping 10%
I was initially putting aside money for some diesels but I decided to put it towards this instead. 1974 Honda CL200
since I am in Oregon I have been seeing this on the news. They have been interviewing their neighbors and no one has seemed to notice a belly on him and some people suspect it's fake
I don't comment much in this thread, but anuish, I love that outfit! You pull it off perfectly. I've been thinking about buying a vest, but after looking at your pic I'm thinking I may not have the boobs to fill it out, haha
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