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Another fake site!
Josephine in mini monogram line. The style has been discontinued. Need better pics for authentication. BTW it looks like a PM size
If you go to Yorkville, go to Sassafraz patio or One for drinks, Avenue bar inside Four Seasons hotel is great too. If you want somewhere cheaper, go to Hemmingway. "Over the rainbow" carries some Ralph Lauren. Or go to Sporting Life on Bloor street and see if they have any....all walking distance.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kimberlini Maybe you should reread the thread at AF. The mod got pissed because I pointed out the forum's double standard for behavior. What a load of BS! YOU got pissed because others disagreed with you!
Fake lockit.
This is old style with the older type of strap and doesn't go for as much. You'll be very lucky to get it at $200. The colour is called fawn, which has been discontinued.
I've been living in Edmonton for the past 10 months (Toronto before that). There isn't much in Fort Mac except money! because most people work there have good income. They just opened a casino. I don't know anything abou shopping and other stuff. Many people come to Edmonton on the weekends. By the way: I am experiencing my first winter. It's actually not that bad. We had a few days of -37 late Jan/early Feb. It's been between 0-6C the last few days. I don't find the...
Problem with WEM is you have to know where you're going. If you park at the wrong side, it's a long frigging walk to get to where you want to go. I made that mistake before when I first moved to Edmonton. I was going to Sephora but parked at the Bay and I was in my high heel shoes! I don't pay attention to Coach so I am not sure if you can find it at WEM. I do agree with the others, Holt's sells them. Holt's is right downtown. The LV section at Holt's is expaning and...
It's real. The date code should be MI (not 1).
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