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i skimmed thru all the responses... even after his explanation, i'd still tread with caution, if i were you... best of luck~
my sister works at best buy... if i remember correctly, the discount is 5% above cost. so... some things she can get a real good discount on, and not so much on other items. yep, they do price match.. i think a lot of stores do.
^ that is indeed suhali. i LOVE this bag... congrats! i'm hoping to get it in white someday... *sigh*
ah... that stinks!! i'm glad the US customs isn't as strict... i've never had to pay fees on the packages i receive from other countries.
Quote: Originally Posted by blm14 Then you wont ever get anyone to ship you anything. EMS is the ONLY shipping method that covers the seller's butt from fraud. totally agree! this is why i only use Global Express (EMS)... it costs about $18+ depending on weight, and insurance (if value is over $100). if people outside the US don't want to buy from me, then tough. i do this so i'm covered!
i think it's because there's not many Asian celebrities in the Hollywood-- so I'm often told that I look like Lucy Liu or Zhang Zi-Yi... I don't see it at all, and none of my Asian friends think so either... lol.
lol... these are funny, but i've seen some hilarious NEG feedbacks too, and those were for real.
i thought it was considered 'the norm' for awhile now? i don't know... but it's not my thing. i'm also a bit too possessive and don't like to share.
i thought Phil should've gone... hopefully next week. I like Sanjaya, though... for entertainment, not necessarily his singing.
i've always worn new balance for running. i have a pair that's more than 5 yrs old and i still wear them (not for running, just out for errands)... they've held up very well!
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