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I have 5 ACs in my room, keeping it at 30 degrees so that my life sized ice sculptures of myself don't melt. All of my pants are worn by the ice sculptures. This leaves very little room for a bed, so I sleep in the closet.                   (I use to hang them on a door hook rack at school but at home, they just get thrown around. No space ):
@justmike the second picture of the shoes, oddly remind me of pig feet ~_~
The 8CO really does look too big. Is the belt necessary? If you need a belt to hold up your pants, you're wearing the wrong size... belts should only be decorations xP One other thing, T-shirt tucked in doesn't look good unless the belt correctly covers the mid section, the border between the jeans and t-shirt become contiguous so that it actually looks like you're wearing a one piece but with a belt on top. If you understand what I'm saying... because right now it just...
Oh werd. They came out pretty good I must say.
Quote: Originally Posted by Zodiac Its for Asian market, they love that stuff. Its true... fobs love those super crazy fades in weird places and etc. Way over kill in my opinion. I hope those ginormous holes are reinforced because all of this is just giving me the impression of an asian inspired abercrombie.
Quote: Originally Posted by Levislad I have photos of all 5 pairs of my Diesel pants in waiting! Shall I post them? Hello Levislad, I am from ABD Modeling agency. It appears that you have talent in modeling, if you are interested please leave me your contact information. Thank you. - JOoa0ky
You got it all wrong man! Girls are all over them NOT because of how the jeans look but because of natural biological instincts. Man with tight pants = higher % chance of having a lower sperm count for that day Man with enough space in pants to fit a small dog = very happy balls producing massive amounts of sperm! Still I don't get how that is attractive at all =\ If anything, it hides your body shape... why hide it when you're beautiful... unless of course you are not...
Quote: Originally Posted by TicoDiesel Sand dolphin are you rich? you post pics every day of new diesels i envy you!!! Exactly what I was thinking lol.
88z is always nice. I quite like my zatiny 88z. The only bootcut i own (:
You mean visual kei? I'm sure you can find -some- people who like it. Might be easier to just search for a forum and check out the geography of the users (:
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