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pissed your pants??? doesnt look like that at all, plz check your eye!
^ looks awesome i dont know what u talking about!
  I bought those yesterday too, awesome pair  
well, iam not talking about the language ignore that
are they for real about the last sentence?   http://img821.imageshack.us/img821/9960/img1552.jpg   "We reccomend not to wear it with white or light-colored outfits and to pay attention not to sit on white light-colored sofa."
Diesel Ever http://store.diesel.com/item/tskay/3FD17CD7/cod10/44195898DK/rr/1   Anyone know where i can find similar shoes and less expensive? thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by Darnoc 8YM- best wash of recent !!!
yep they make diesel jeans in china.... New DIESEL Men's JEANS DARRON WASHED 008UP SIZE32 X 33 - eBay (item 270584452925 end time May-29-10 00:27:36 PDT)
and safado 8L9 looks like from DDG style
is 8L9 gonna be in US? i came when i saw them the first time!!! i really wanna buy em
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