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wtf are those stitching in front of the pockets of Shioner 880W???? that looks stupid
Wear this: KROOLEY 8X9
Daaaaaamn those are hot!   MADE IN ITARY where is that? lol
you are the luckiest bastard I've seen!
is Diesel Larkee 73P new?
wow, Diesel Iakop 73Q is hot, and i thought they wont release anything cool
wow nothing interesting, BOOO!
Why is it more expensive in Eurasia than in US?
Here's mine collection:   Viker 71B   Zathan 71L stretch   Slammer 8BG stretch   Slammer 8EB   Safado 8YM   Safado 8L9   and had a few others but I sold them.
I just fold them
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