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How does Krooley 880W feels? Great choices btw!
tovani   That's for Japan we probably won't see this in US stores
    Hi, if its not too hard can u take a picture wearing krooley 880w? I tried them myself but i want to see them on another person, i think they are too tight but the wash is amazing!    
They need to make more 880w wash cuts
wow iam an idiot! i bought diesel black gold jeans for 30% off and now they are 50% off. I hate myself!
Oh, that's not new a lot of their products are made in China also
why are they made in japan what is so special there?
same as originals
I got 2 Slammers 1 solid black for $290 and 1 is black-greyish for $275, have been wearing them for like 2 years now. Where did u see 40% off we only had few days ago 30% off?
  880 would look fine if it wasnt for those 2 big white spots on the bottom, they just ruined everything
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