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You guys gonna post the pics of your Safado 882B here?!
WTF $325 for SAFADO 0882B that's fucked up it's too expensive  
lol where do you live that you got a shotgun?
  very cute!
  If those Safados look like that in reality that's terrible  
damn i want those safado 882D
I don't know but i wouldn't recommend buying anything from there
Those Safado 882B look similar to Safado 8L9 looks cool though and Krooley 882D look cool aswell
lol funny looking jeans
Hi, I am selling my Diesel Zathan 71L in excellent condition for $169 Size 30x30   Retailed at $230   MADE IN ITALY   Free shipping to Continental USA International shipping $25   Payment by PayPal     Thanks for looking and feel free to ask any questions!
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