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Quote: Originally Posted by abyss Julz , congrats!!! Me today: jeans are taverniti so. Janis skinny hi, where u from?
I saw Busky 8CE jeans in the local store today for 230$, should i buy 'em, never saw this kind of jeans before? they look kinda kool forgot to ask are this jeans real?
i have black ones still like new, yes they are amazing
so POIAK 008SV is light denim?
Quote: Originally Posted by sandman Is this something like "z" of zorro? lol, it is
Is there a difference in matirials between spring/summer jeans and fall/winter ones , iam asking that because if i buy jeans that comes out in fall-winter will i melt in them if i wear them in the summer, or its all the same shit?
^i have to pay for sending back, and i think i change my mind about buying on that website i think iam going to buy something new from the store... thanks for the help everyone!
Quote: Originally Posted by Cez1029 ^ wtFUCK just post the pics already yea
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