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this sux, total "discrimination" is what its called; I want to try krooley 8ym but i cant, because they wont release it in US.
Quote: Originally Posted by YhS bought a pair of zatiny 8ym from diesel 5th ave store. this is my first diesel bootcut jean. the size that i have on is 31-30 is the length ok? should i size down 1 size or keep it what i have? Did you see Krooley 8YM in store?
nope, i wear regular, regular slim, and slim cuts, but most of my jeans are slim
all 4
Quote: Originally Posted by Odoaker Thanaz 71j in 31x34 Still my only pair of Thanaz and I still dont feel comfortable in them And my safado 71j: Hi, what shoes are those in the first picture, black ones??? i like them
thanaz 72C i never had any other
lol, $360 for poiak, ill give $60 for them
They are hand made, silk pockets...
the wash is a killa! I have to try them on
how fu**** hard is it to update Diesel online shop?
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