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^ lol whasup with those zebra pants? btw girl looks very hot in those jeans!
November 27th is Black Friday will Diesel have this sale? iam asking because it had a black friday in spring of this year, strange.
^^^ shit, zatiny 8ym is hot as hell
Another store is here at the mall!
whats with people and thanaz 73J, am I the only person find in them nothing speacial?
cool jeans where did you get them and for how much???
Iam excited!
what about names of jeans like Thanaz, viker, poiak, zatiny, slammer, krooley, etc. what does these names mean???
have you tried webside ssense.com?
Quote: Originally Posted by vlxj45 Hey,, some countries are not even on the list.. not anymore, they are working on these countries canada, china, japan and hong kong (is that a country now? lol)
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