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L0L, wow
They need to import this jeans to new york stores
how did u do it sew it or glue it?
lol ok thanks!
Is this shit real? Darron 8ww Hot Diesel Fantastic and crazy Jeans 18888 sz 29-38 - eBay (item 150402807673 end time Feb-03-10 22:07:22 PST)
looks very kool i think
Hey frankfaster84 make (young) Arnold Schwarzenegger face next time
use these links for picture i dont see anything anymore: ImageShack® - Online Media Hosting or TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting
those safado looks kool; picture doesnt work on Poiak 8D5
Quote: Originally Posted by sand_dolphin2 i took the pics of magazine...(safado-8E7) supervisor, plz delete this pic if you need ciao can u make a bigger picture and can u post more pictures of jeans?
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