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I bought mine on Diesel online store; mine doesn't have "D" and no Indian head. I think the buyer doesn't know anything about DBG.
I also noticed that Diesel is adding new material to the jeans, Lyocell, which is more expensive than cotton. SAFADO 804K and TEPPHAR 804K has it.
Selling my Diesel Safado 8L9 for $169 in size 29x30 Dirty style wash in very good condition They are in great condition; nothing has been altered in this jeans!   http://www.ssense.com/men/product/diesel/safado_8l9_jeans/26931   Retail $250   MADE IN ITALY 100% cotton   FREE shipping in CON USA International shipping $20   I accept PAYPAL   Feel free to ask any questions!
What the f is with Diesel why some jeans start with 30W and some with 31W sizes?
nice, thanks for the pictures
Hi, where did you get Safado 888R I don't see it online and how much are they?
I like this new wash... http://store.diesel.com/us/bootcut_cod36293532vr.html
nice jacket, I would say around 200-250$
really, since when Macy's sell diesel jeans? I haven't seen any here.
Post a picture of her in jeans!
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