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Your $250 could be lunch for a few MPs. Haha.
Quote: Originally Posted by sonja_k i'd rather pay the extra $250 annually if it gives someone less privileged accessibility to healthcare and adequate education. Provincial matters. The $250 you're talking about probably won't go to those even if we didn't cut the GST.
Quote: Originally Posted by erickchen im jealous. i want to see it but im stuck in shanghai. i hope they have the dvd out on the streets tonight HAHA. That was funny.
As they said... Csirip.
Quote: Originally Posted by Linds Quote: Originally Posted by mgras Actually... it's Avatar. No, man . . . it's aviator! That's totally what I thought it said upon reading it first!!
One Word: idalis.
Canada man. We rule.
Actually... it's Avatar.
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