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Best Mod ever, Ben. I learned so much from your participation here. You have my most deepest thanks. Fare thee well, my friend.
Aww, shit man. That's really sad to see you go. But I can completely understand why. I'd be pretty pissed too. No idea it was like that.
Post them. Let's see your artsy side. Okay, your turn.
I'm not fond of that pair. Haha. Ten dollars off first purchase.
Westjet > Air Canada Especially with the new planes.
Those look so awesome!!
Kids are stupid. --- Site-blockers are so easy to override. Just... raise your kids well. And you won't have to worry.
Quote: Originally Posted by blakhart you should get those license plates that are supposed to reflect the flash so they can't get a clear shot of your plate numbers if you're constantly getting caught running the yellow/red lights. No, you need to stop running red lights.
Quote: Originally Posted by Imhotep I had my tonsils removed when I was in grade 2. I still remember... my teacher made me do a report on my stay in the hospital That's really bad. Tonsils are a very important organ. Very rarely removed anymore. Important nodes in fighting airborne illness. But that's really very recently discovered.
New Posts  All Forums: