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Start your own Diesel-only forum. I'll join.
"A Mad Russian's Christmas" - Trans-Siberian Orchestra It's my ballet song.
"King Without A Crown" - Matisyahu
I love those. I've seen a few. Just goes to show how passionate people can get about causes they know fuck-all about. Hahaha.
Last friday. Me and my girl. Spring dance.
Okay, I'll repost it then, and host it myself.
Quote: Originally Posted by jetsetter pic doesnt work Mine?
Quote: Originally Posted by Batman I'm tempted to post Tub Girl or something. But, I won't. Haha. The Pain series. Tubgirls in that. But I don't need to see rotten feet falling off again. Not really forum-acceptable.
Me and my girl. Last Friday. I've some more, maybe later.
Quote: Originally Posted by advancedart Quote: Originally Posted by mgras Let's see your artsy side. do you mean selfmade pictures? Not specifically, but it'd be wonderful if you had some to share.
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