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Rawr. All people are doing is try and spell "hotjizz". I give up.
Quote: Originally Posted by treasurehoard hello! this is illegal. I already stated this in another topic posted by mgras I think. You need to rethink what you are doing. The servers to this site are probably based in the USA where sharing copyrighted material is illegal. The servers can get shut down and the owners prosecuted. This topic should be locked and it should be common sense not to start another one. There are plenty p2p, torrents, etc...
We win bitches!
Quote: Originally Posted by Keri A good way to do this that is legal in the US would be to get a pandora station and share it with others, for those of you who wanna keep it legal. Actually, I got the song from 3hive. Their downloads are legal, and all the artist/publishers voluntarily release the tracks for free download. Not to mention, it's free advertising.
I was thinking, the "What are you listening to today" thread is nice and all. But I can never seem to find any of the songs that people are talking about. And it's sad, because I'm always on the hunt for some good tunes. So, that being said. I'm starting a new thread. One where you not only post what you're listening to, but a link to to the song as well. Because it's sure nice to actually know what the songs everyone's talking about are. Megaupload is good for...
The only thing about Taco Bell authentic to Mexico is your ass burning an hour later.
Quote: Originally Posted by MNep0509 Quote: Originally Posted by jetsetter Infiniti and Kia, Bloomingdales and Marshalls, Olive Garden and Taco Bell Hey, dont bash Taco Bell now! Taco Bell = The runs.
Wow. Some of the one's you guys have taken yourself are really beautiful. Nice Silver, and Pawneternal.
Quote: Originally Posted by n32getfunky Quote: Originally Posted by mgras Last friday. Me and my girl. Spring dance. damn, you are lucky, your girl is really cute! good job, but I wish I could say the same about your shirt, hehehe, j/k. Hey man, I like the shirt.
Start your own Diesel-only forum. I'll join. ... And I'm sure alot of others would too.
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