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Bigger restrictions on who can sell. I'd say, veterans only.
Quote: Originally Posted by summersweetie021 Quote: Originally Posted by Imhotep what did you do to deserve such injustice? my parents went out of town two weeks ago, and i threw 2 hugeeee parties. a shitload of my parents' hydrocodone got jacked, and some crazy guy that got in a fight with someone decided to let his anger out on my neighbors car. he ended up making some really big dents on their car, and they knew it was from...
Okay, okay. But seriously here. Erm. A purse is always nice. Maybe some really nice cooking utensils for her to use at home. The embroidered chef's hat idea is awesome, and very personal. Work-related is probably best here.
Hahahaha... I'm not even going to post what I was going to say. But buy some knee-pads.
Might as well. There sure are enough of them.
Quote: Originally Posted by not_a_virus.exe GUY1: hey, let's try to make a good, creative, innovative song! GUY2: no, that won't make us money. let's just stick to the same tried-and-true money-raking formula. if we want change, we gotta do it very slowly...we don't want people to freak out by challenging them out of their comfort zones! Haha, that is sooooo U2 and Coldplay. Where every song sounds the same.
Quote: Originally Posted by Imhotep the one in the middle! what do i win ! ? Agreed. The cheeks give it away. Do we get a cookie?
Quote: Originally Posted by Anonymous I would like to start this by saying, I am not a mod here and therefore have no vested interest in the outcome of what seems from the outside to be a full scale war. I do however dislike injustice. Because Dave seems to counter Ben or whoever challenges him on the board, with I am the owner, I would like to analyse what this means. Dave owns the Domain name, pays for the hosting, and the technical support, this...
Quote: Originally Posted by antik_freak Quote: Originally Posted by mgras How does that make any sence to close it though? That doesn't solve anything. no kidding. Quote: Originally Posted by mgras Ben's threatening to leave has brought alot of aggression out from some of the moderators here. This isn't cleared up. It's kinda deep. Ben saying farewell was not the cause of the bad feelings...
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