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Quote: Originally Posted by cherree ipconfig /release ipconfig /renew Only if you have a dynamic.
Fuck this shit. Look at the PM I got: Quote: Originally Posted by admin i see that you aren't interested in the premium membership thing. i understand. i don't know if i would sign up either. ok man....have a good day. This referring to my post at the bottom of this thread: http://www.honestforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=51595 He missed the entire point of the arguement. You don't charge us to use our work. That's...
So what? Maybe he wants to say something without people being pissed off at his main? That's no fucking different than using that anonymous function in help.
Yeah, whatever. I've posted under multiples, to fuck with trolls. If he didn't do anything bad, then so what?
I'm joined as: Pennyroyal.
So what? What did they do?
Uhh, what the fuck for? Dave, isn't this what people are pissed off about? You not explaining your actions. 'Cause I sure as hell think so. And I thought there were no more locked threads. Well, that one is. As are a shitload in the Drama section. And doesn't themeowmixcat have over 3000 posts; whereas your picture says 1?
Yeah. Actually. They're pretty damn right. I don't think I want to be a part of HonestForum anymore. I really don't. Like, this premium membership thing. Almost been here a full year. Longer than some mods I think. Nearing 2500 posts to my name. And I can't pay for the membership. Yeah fuckin' right my parents would okay me paying to join some fashion-forum. So what? I get spit out. Thanks for that. Just another site that throws out it's free...
Quote: Originally Posted by cherree Exactly!
I think the answers we're all looking for can be found right here. I too, am getting sick of things being locked for being the least bit over-the-top. And things being edited for content. What's done is done. And not having an explanation for the lockings (other than a couple sentences), is well, pretty frustrating. And really, if anything, just makes me want to post even more inappropriate stuff. I mean, if you're gonna lock my topic for something really trivial,...
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