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Yeah not working for me either
As others have said it really depends on the wash, but in general washing them and drying them will fade, shrink, and damage the denim. This is fine for some pairs, if it's something you want them to fade and get a natural time worn look it's fine. But if you want to keep something dark, or not have holes expand, or lose "dirty" details keep the washing to a minimum.
Keep the diesel section, it's the only reason I stop by, and the archived information in there is the most valuable part of the forum as it's the most extensive I've been able to find online.
bradl looking good man, I'll be out your way in a month for a stag, good ol' stampede
Well I am glad I clicked over now, happy birthday man
Sparker 832, from 99 I think
Most Kajo 88z Safado 8aa Safado 8dk Lemmen 86t Sometimes: Safado 8bi Lemmen 82m Can't remember the last time I wore one of my other pairs . . . I should probably do some selling, oh and my Kajo 71j will get busted out once the warmer weather hits.
Quote: Originally Posted by seveneleven link please? WJAYWT? - What Jawnz Are You Wearing Today? (Page 90) - Fashion - jawnz
Long story short, with the larger manufacturers Diesel etc, you can't. They only speak with established stores. Many business are like this. Your best bet is to make contacts in a nearby city through and established store and hope for the best
^You know how I know you're gay? You used a sad face icon in reference to seeing pornography on the internet.
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