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Hi Kelly! I just looked at my join date and thought whoa....I guess I have not been buying enough jeans! I need to work on that lol.
denimdevil, antik_freak, and bingothedingo I miss you all
Or did you mean BB was fast at first and then slowed down? I haven't had that problem with BB, just Netflix.
Quote: Originally Posted by yujie I have blockbuster, at first they were fast but after like 6 month and very fast returns, they started to slow down on my queues. great selection but movies tend to be "short wait" alot even on the greater quantity new movies. And i also get 1 free store rental a week. Right, same here. I believe there was a class action suit against them regarding this? I prefer blockbuster; I'll never do Netflix again.
You can't find tix on ticketmaster? That's where I got Rams tickets.
Yeah!!!!! That game made me so nervous.
It was completely horrible. Abysmal actually. I almost walked out. If you don't mind the gore you may like it I suppose. I was hoping for more of a backstory on the family.
Happy bday girls!!! Have a fun one!
The girls version runs big if that helps
What's the waist measurement on them?
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